ProtoTO is a multi-day tabletop playtesting event in Toronto. It was started by designer Pam Walls in 2016 to provide another opportunity for designers to test their games at a local event. Currently, there are monthly designer meetups at Snakes & Lattes and 401 Games, but there is no local, weekend-long playtesting convention. Most protospiels, and other events geared towards designers, take place in the U.S., which can be costly for Canadians to attend.

ProtoTO aims to provide an opportunity for tabletop game designers to accelerate their playtesting over the course of a weekend. The convention is also about creating community and offering a space for anyone who enjoys playing, and designing, tabletop games.

Both budding and established designers are encouraged to purchase a Designer ticket to ProtoTO. This convention is not exclusive to published designers. Designers will get a total of 6 hours of playtesting over the course of the weekend, broken down into three 2 hour time slots.

Gamers of all stripes (those who enjoy social games to those who like 4 hour long miniature wargames) are welcome to attend ProtoTO as a Playtester. The Playtester ticket gives you access to all 3 days of ProtoTO which includes two nights of Open Gaming, talks by local designers, a free raffle ticket and the chance to play many games created by local designers.

Questions? Most can be answered on the FAQ page or you can email Pam at info@protoTO.ca.

Stay connected by joining the ProtoTO Facebook group, subscribing to the ProtoTO Youtube channel, following ProtoTO on Twitter and using the hashtag #ProtoTO.




Pam Walls
Founder, ProtoTO
Designer, Party Hat Games