Buddy Program


The ProtoTO Buddy program is all about making connections. Buds (listed below) have attended ProtoTO before and will show their Buddies (attendees who want to make new friends) around, introduce them to others and play games with them.

All Buds and their Buddies need to be registered to attend ProtoTO (as a playtester, designer, publisher, vendor, etc.). If you haven’t registered yet, get your tickets here: bit.ly/ProtoTO2018

Buds are expected to stay connected with their Buddies via text, FB messenger, WhatsApp, or some other form of communication during ProtoTO. They should arrange a meetup with their Buddies at the start of ProtoTO and also arrange other times to get together (lunch, after parties, open gaming, etc).

Buddies can sign up with a Bud using the form below. Note: You can only sign up with ONE Bud.

Email info@protoTO.ca to be a Bud (include a short bio, photo of yourself and number of Buddies you can take on).



ProtoTO Buddy Program sign up

Available Spots
Tyler Webb (Bud)#1: Filled
#2: Filled
#3: Filled
Shannon Wylie (Bud)#1: Filled
Sen-Foong Lim (Bud)#1: Filled
#2: Filled
#3: Filled
Shannon McDowell (Bud)#1: Filled
Erica Bouyouris (Bud)#1: Filled



Bud bios:

Tyler Webb

Tyler’s passion for the board game hobby comes from its ability to bring people together and create experiences. He’s had a few ideas for games and even scribbled down some notes once! For now, though he’s sticking to finding the best game for a group and helping people dip their toes into this great hobby.




Shannon Wylie

Hi, I’m Shannon and I’m the girl with the meeple tattoo. I’ve been into board games for about 3 years now and I just love the community! My favourite games include Touria, Carcassonne, Flash Point, Gloom and Saint Petersburg. In my spare time I volunteer at Board Game Bliss. Can’t wait to be friends!!




Sen-Foong Lim

Sen makes games, talks about games, and loves to help others make their mark in the Tabletop industry. When he’s not working on games, he enjoys music, martial arts, teaching, and spending time with his family!





Shannon McDowell

Shannon is a freelance copywriter and technical writer with a background in program development and project management based in Burlington, Ontario. Her enthusiasm for travel, puzzles, and pop culture inspires her to design strategy board and card games with family friendly themes. Her first published games, Conundrum, a series of escape room board games, will be released by Maple Games in 2019.



Erica Bouyouris

Erica Bouyouris is a game designer from Toronto. Erica is no stranger to cons, and helped with the first ProtoTO. She can help show you around and introduce you to many of the people that are attending.