ProtoTO Connect

First time attending ProtoTO? Going solo? Want to make new friends?

Check out the Connect events at ProtoTO! Attend one of the many Connect meetups at ProtoTO during Open Gaming where you can join in a game in a welcoming environment. The after parties on Friday and Saturday nights are also great opportunities to socialize and make new connections. View the Schedule for dates and times of Connect events.

And keep your eye out for Buds at ProtoTO! Buds have attended ProtoTO before and are available to introduce you to other gamers, show you around the space and answer any questions you might have. Buds will have BUD stickers on their nametags and are listed below.

Email to be a Bud (include a short bio and headshot).


Earl Aspiras

Earl has attended ProtoTO multiple times as a designer and playtester. He appreciates how games can break the ice between strangers and friends, providing ways for people to get know each other. He also knows the stress and anxiety of attending the con the first time, much less bringing a new prototype to be tested! Feel free to ask any questions about the con, game design, or if you just want an extra person for your game.

Tyler Webb

Tyler’s passion for the board game hobby comes from its ability to bring people together and create experiences. He’s had a few ideas for games and even scribbled down some notes once! For now, though he’s sticking to finding the best game for a group and helping people dip their toes into this great hobby.

More Bud bios coming soon…