Jonathan Gilmour

Playtesting and Failing Faster

with Jonathan Gilmour (Head of Development, Pandasaurus Games)

Friday, September 27, 2019 | 6 – 7:30 p.m. |
Avenue Room, Holiday Inn Downtown Toronto, 30 Carlton Street

This is a special ticketed event for attendees of ProtoTO. Playtesters, designers, publishers and other attendees of ProtoTO can purchase a ticket for this event on the ProtoTO Eventbrite page.

Jonathan will talk about how to get the most out of playtesting and advice on giving and getting feedback. The presentation will be followed by questions from the audience.

Jonathan Gilmour is a tabletop game designer and publisher from NW Ohio. His credits include: Co-designer of Dead of Winter, Dinosaur Island, Kids on Bikes and Vault Wars. His greatest weaknesses are writing bios, and the color green. He loves long walks on the beach and play testing games. Sometimes at the same time. His favorite color is orange, so please let him have that as a player color. His favorite games are Cosmic Encounter, Nations, and Hanabi. His least favorite game is “The What Game Should We Play” game. He and his wife have four children, with the goal of having a built in game group any time they want it.

Twitter: @JonGilmour