ProtoTO Top 10

Saturday, September 28, 2019 | 9:30 – 11 p.m. |
Avenue Room, Holiday Inn Downtown Toronto, 30 Carlton Street

This is a special ticketed event for attendees of ProtoTO. Playtesters, designers, publishers and other attendees of ProtoTO can purchase a ticket for this event on the ProtoTO Eventbrite page.

On Saturday night at ProtoTO, content creator and writer Nicole Hoye (Daily Worker Placement, Greatway Games), member of The Dice Tower team Mandi Hutchinson and head of marketing for Leder Games Caryl Tan will host ProtoTO Top 10. Nicole, Mandi and Caryl will share their lists of the games that made their top 10 prototypes at ProtoTO.

They will judge games during the Games Showcases on Friday night, and will try to see any games that weren’t presented during the showcases during the day on Saturday.

Nicole Hoye has been enjoying modern hobby tabletop games since the early 2000s, after D&D was her gateway game drug of choice. Thanks to the prolific chats on social media – Twitter especially – she’s connected with loads of gamers, and it encouraged her to start contributing content. In the past she was on the gaming chat livestream Games on the Rocks, and is currently a writer on the Daily Worker Placement, a contributor to #FavoriteGameFriday and co-hosts the podcast Greatway Games.

When she’s not enjoying fabulous fillers, crunchy Euros or social party games (especially word ones!) she’s petting dogs and drinking coffee and enjoying museums (probably not all at the same time). Nicole lives in Toronto, where there’s a thriving tabletop scene which makes her dang proud.

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Mandi Hutchinson is a member of The Dice Tower Team where she does video reviews and co-hosts the bi-weekly Dice Tower podcast with Suzanne Sheldon and also appears on The Dice Tower’s Monday night “Teach and Plays” with co-host Michael Corneau.  Mandi likes to be busy so some of her other hobbies include: snowboarding, football, makeup artistry and sewing. She enjoys pinup fashion and is easily recognizable by her hair colour. 

Twitter: @boardgamerpinup

Instagram: @boardgamingpinupgirl


Caryl Tan is in charge of marketing, customer service, and video editing for Leder Games, game publisher of Root and Vast. She started her step into the industry with her own online board game shop, Quiche Games, which has now mostly transitioned to an inclusive and friendly local game meetup community based in Toronto. To further introduce more people to the gaming hobby, she is also helping build a digital game organization platform called “Game Night” and introducing a line of board game themed apparel this year to define “game night” for anyone and provide a way to relate our experiences with games with each other. 

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