Connections Card Game

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Game: Connections Card Game – Canada’s 150th Birthday Edition
Genre: Word Game, Card Game, Family Game, Party Game, Team Building Game, Educational
# of players: 2-8
Duration: 5-30 mins.
Age: 5+
Sessions: Saturday, August 20: Session 5: 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm, Session 6: 6:45 pm – 8:15 pm
Sunday, August 21:
Session 3: 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm and Session 5: 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm

The Connections Card Game – Canada 150 Edition, is all about conceptually connecting words related to Canada. These words include Canada’s geography, history, culture, nature, politics, landmarks and more. Each word can connect with between four and 40+ other words.

Since this Sesquicentennial Edition is geared for Canada’s 150th birthday and beyond, the game contains 150 cards with 600 English and French word pairs. Each card has four words and/or word pairs per card. Each pair includes both English and French. A French word will appear only if spelled differently from the English word.

In the basic Classic Mode, players compete to get the highest score by lining up related words. For example, ANIMAL can connect to MOOSE, CHAR, MUSK OX, MAMMAL, CHICKADEE, BEAVER, SNAPPING TURTLE and dozens of other words.  KING could connect with OTTAWA, PRIME MINISTER, POLITICS, WORLD WAR TWO, QUEEN and ROYALTY.

Each card has a point value between 1 and 5. One-point cards have words with the most number of connections, while five-point cards have the fewest connections.

There are almost 20 ways to play Connections with a variety of subtle variations for scoring and game play. The basic way is “Classic Mode”. Other favorite modes are Speedy, Team Secrets, Bingo, Airplane Mode, Fours/Fives and Secret Connections. The website documents all modes.

The game can be played on any flat surface including airplane trays and car back seats (between two children).

Words have been carefully selected and vetted. They are all family-friendly and suitable for home, school, travel, cottage, camp, ESL, autism and team building.

From an educational standpoint, the game expands conceptual thought and reinforces both Canadian studies and French language skills. It is also well suited for engaging ESL students in cooperative conversation. New immigrants can have fun learning about Canada.

Important Game Aspect: Non-obvious connections must be “sold” to the group resulting in often hilarious dialogue and debates.

In reality, this game of finding relationships amongst words, turns into a game about connecting people through often hilarious dialogue.

As the game progresses, someone will attempt to make a connection that does not make obvious sense. Such dubious connections will need to be “sold” to the other players. This creates interesting dialogue and discussion that engages the players in stimulating and often hilarious debate. As such, it opens up your family to lively discussions by voting with “thumbs up” and/or “thumbs down” decisions. Ties can be broken by going to our web app and entering the two words in question to determine connectedness.

The game dynamics of any group vary. Some groups are more competitive, others more cooperative. Groups will decide as to how strict or lenient they are with their connections.


Designer: Mark Kolb

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