“Toronto is an absolute hotbed of design talent and ProtoTO is on my list of ‘must-attend’ shows.”

—  Curt Covert, Smirk & Dagger Games

Publishers interested in attending ProtoTO can email for more information.

Games that have been picked up by publishers at ProtoTO:

Hold That Face designed by Pam Walls was picked up by Hasbro at ProtoTO 2016
Shobu designed by
Manolis Vranas and Jamie Sajdak was picked up by Smirk & Dagger at ProtoTO 2018
Fossilis designed by David Diaz was picked up by Kids Table Board Gaming at ProtoTO 2018

Publishers at ProtoTO 2019:

Click a logo to see the types of games the publisher is looking for and which reps will be in attendance.

Note that it is up to the designers to either schedule a meeting with a publisher or approach the publisher at ProtoTO. Most publishers will attend the Friday night Showcases to get an overview of all of the games and meet designers. ProtoTO will not share contact info for any publisher. Visit their websites for any available contact info.

Publishers at ProtoTO 2018: