Renegade Game Studios

Renegade’s Founder and President Scott Gaeta will be at ProtoTO 2017.

Renegade’s mission is to publish games that are fun, challenging, and unique.  They believe that gaming is for everybody and that everybody is a gamer; you may have just not found that right game yet!

Renegade was founded in 2014 in San Diego, CA by industry veteran Scott Gaeta. Scott’s over 20 years of experience enabled Renegade to gain a foothold immediately, releasing award-winning products and igniting a new era of casual games.

Renegade is carefully curating a collection of games for everyone, with award-winning strategy games like Lanterns and Gravwell, and accessible family games like Double Feature and Fuse.

What they are looking for:

  • light family games
  • heavy euros
  • adventure type miniature games
  • They are open to other types of games, except for party games and children only games



Mercury Games

Focused on providing high-quality productions, Mercury Games Inc. is a North American publisher of board and card games for the hobby and mass markets, including both Euro-style games and war games.

Their goal is to continue to bring fun to game players everywhere. Opening a game by Mercury means you’ll soon be enjoying one of the finest games available. They like to say their games are so much fun, you’ll have “Fun by the Foot!”

What they are looking for:

  • open to most types of games except for kids games


Dyskami Publishing Company


Dyskami Publishing Company is a tabletop gaming company headquartered in Guelph, Ontario. They are dedicated to creating products for today’s busy board gamers, both casual and hardcore, who may not have as much time for their hobby as before. Their company tagline “It’s About Time” reflects their vision for an evolution (not revolution) in board gaming design and implementation.


Kids Table Board Gaming

Kids Table Board Gaming publishes table top games that create fun and engaging experiences for families. We want grownups to enjoy their gaming experience as much as their kids do. Emergent strategy is at the core of every game we produce, so that kids can enjoy the game play as they are learning how to play.

What they are looking for:

  • level playing field between adults and kids
  • engaging theme
  • element of strategy





Jellybean Games

Jellybean Games believes that games are for everyone. They are dedicated to giving the world more short, light games that the whole family can play together. Whether you’re seven or seventy-seven, Jellybean Games wants to make your new favorite game.

What they are looking for:

  • card games
  • family games
  • word games
  • bluffing games
  • light euro games


Burnt Island Games

Burnt Island Games publishes high quality table top games that are innovative and beautiful.

What they are looking for:

  • strategy games that play between 60-120 minutes
  • 1-6 players
  • interesting thematically
  • engaging game play