Weird Giraffe Games


Weird Giraffe Games is dedicated to creating engaging games focused on player choices & layered with strategy. We make games that are different and just a little bit weird, but that’s ok, as we’re all a little bit weird sometimes.  

Reps in attendance

Carla Kopp

Owner, Weird Giraffe Games

Games they are looking for

  • Games with Unique Elements
  • Games between 15 and 60 minutes
  • Games with short and simple turns
  • Games that support at least 2-4 players
  • Games that are work and family safe
  • Games with depth and replayability
  • Games with something different, like a twist on a classic mechanic

They are especially interested in:

  • Games with a great table presence
  • Highly Thematic Games
  • Unique Themes
  • Smaller games with cards and other items
  • Wide Player Ranges (1 – 6 players)
  • Unique or Interesting Combinations of Mechanics



Twitter: @WeirdGiraffes


Instagram: @WeirdGiraffeGames